Companies of all sizes maintain frail applicant tracking methods (ATS) to management their job postings and applicants since the 1990s. Since then, many new corporations (including Recruiterbox) maintain entered the market aiming to fade the broken-down, clunky no doubt feel of the ’90s-generation methods gradual and lead to a contemporary journey to each candidates and corporations.
What’s Recruiterbox?
Recruiterbox became once founded in 2009 and provides a lustrous and user-appropriate interface. It is primarily frail by miniature-to-medium-sized companies and permits teams to collaborate all the blueprint in which through the route of and robotically distribute job postings to Indeed,, Glassdoor, and other job sites.
Companies That Use Recruiterbox
Ministry of ProvideTall Stars LiteracyTwice as Nice RecruitingThe ArcMakitaSPN SolutionsThe Sing of MaineCouchsurfingGiveDirectlyDreamclinicHigh-quality IronworkssimplehumanWolfram AlphaA mushy decision of miniature-to-medium-sized corporations say Recruiterbox, however more moderen tech corporations clean seem to desire ATS startups enjoy Lever and Greenhouse.
How to Title Recruiterbox
Some corporations hide which ATS they say, however oftentimes you may presumably presumably identify the categorical ATS lawful in the URL, enjoy this:
Diversified corporations, enjoy simplehuman and Wolfram Alpha, veil their url. If it’s no longer in the URL, some clues that you’re using Recruiterbox are:
A easy, one-page utilityThe probability so as to add your in any file stylePersonalized text fields“Post utility” button
If an organization doesn’t stylize their utility, that is in total what Recruiterbox will survey enjoy.
Recruiterbox Aspects
1. Key phrase
Recruiterbox uses “observe stemming” in its outcomes to assassinate some flexibility by technique of your keywords. As an illustration, after we careerwith.used the time duration “project handle,” Recruiterbox returned outcomes for words and phrases enjoy:
Mission supervisorOrganizeManagersAdministrationRecruiterbox FunctionalityThis means that that you must clean consist of keywords on your and quilt letter, however you don’t need to say as grand tailoring them to what’s precisely on the job description.
2. Ranking
Recruiterbox does no longer robotically bag or wrong applications enjoy some ATS such as Taleo. On the alternative hand, recruiters can clean manually bag candidates out of 5 stars using a “Job Relevance Get” to permit them to protect track of who their top picks are. They’ll then filter candidates by this bag.
This means that that you must clean style your visually appealing to recruiters and consist of skills and keywords linked to the job so to face out.
3. Social Profiles
You’ll have heard that corporations survey you up on social media, however Recruiterbox takes it one step extra. There is a “social footprint” characteristic internal the ATS that scrubs favorite social media sites on your profile using the e-mail deal with you supplied in the utility, and aggregates them on the applicant profile for a total note of the candidate’s non-public impress. These sites consist of however are no longer restricted to: Fb, Twitter,, Instagram, GitHub, Foursquare, and AngelList.
Recruiters maintain the probability to activate the Social Footprint characteristic.
Social sites are gathered internal each applicant’s candidate profile. Clicking on these icons will make a choice you to the social media profiles.
careerwith.uscan’s ATS Tip Aim
To receive more ATS-particular pointers and judge your optimization to the next level, check out careerwith.uscan’s “ATS Tip” characteristic. This characteristic can match the ATS with the categorical you’re applying to and provide extra tips about tailor your to the ATS.